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“No Names To Be Given” by Julia Brewer Daily

No Names To Be Given by Julia Brewer Daily

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No Names To Be Given by Julia Daily

Green Gables Book Reviews thoughts: WOW! What a great debut novel Julia Daily has written! This book takes hold of you from the first page. You feel the emotions of the girls, their grief, and as they age, their despair. Not only were they forced to give up their babies, but for two of them, the only people who knew–their parents, who should love them no matter what–shamed them, and unrepairable relationships were the result. This book is a glimpse into shattered lives by the old belief of girls needing to be sent away if they were pregnant before marriage. It takes us deeply, and unforgettably, into their lives.

“You’ll be talking with your friends about No Names To Be Given! And it’s an excellent choice for a book club with discussion questions in the back!”-Green Gables Book Reviews

About the book: No Names To Be Given by Julia Daily Three girls with different lives, living worlds apart, who never knew what they would share and how much they would come to need each other.

Faith, with a very religious upbringing, sings on stage as her dad preaches about God’s love. Sandy, who grew up poor, runs away to protect herself from her mom’s new man after her dad passed away. Becca is a college student from a loving family who chooses the wrong boyfriend.

All three with unplanned pregnancies. All three are unsupported and feeling alone when they arrive at the Magnolia Home Hospital. They are there so their pregnancies will be hidden from the outside world, as is customary in the ’60s. The girls quickly become close as they spend months together, in awe of the babies growing inside them. When the babies are born, they share the devastation of not holding them, not seeing them, and not even knowing if they had a boy or girl. They must leave and try to resume life while enduring their grief.

As life goes on, the young women hide their struggles from the world. One becomes a business owner, one a wife, and one famous. The babies they were forced to abandon are always in their hearts. They constantly hide their pain and hide the shared secret.

Then a threat to each of them comes that could ruin their lives, and the women are forced to respond to save the lives they have built and the people they love, but a chance to know about their babies is all they have ever wanted. Will it be revealed that they left babies at the Magnolia Home Hospital and how will the people who they love respond?

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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