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Not Ready by Aurora DARKlight

“Great book! Quick read. I thought Talon was a bit overbearing a few times, but Tempe was ok with it, and as I kept reading, I understood his reasons. Things aren’t always as they seem.

I’m looking forward to book 2!” -Books and Pens on Green Gables

Not Ready by Aurora DARKlight

About Not Ready by Aurora DARKlight-A wealthy family with everything. Temperance is a teen girl ready to start her senior year at her private high school, with her quarterback boyfriend on her arm. As she’s getting ready to go shopping for new clothes for her senior year, she gets the news. Her dad lost his job months ago, and they’re moving. No more maid or driver. No more private school and no new clothes. And, when she tells him, no more popular boyfriend either.

Shocked, Tempe soon finds herself in a small apartment, given the tasks of grocery shopping and cooking, buying alcohol for her parents (even though she’s underage!), and starting at her new school.

When a cute boy sits by her at lunch, she quickly finds out she made a new friend with amazing connections! He teaches her how to buy groceries-she’d never even been in a grocery store! He even has a way to buy the liquor her mom demanded she gets. He walks her home, helping with the groceries, and when Tempe introduces him to her mom, she can’t believe how rude her mom is!

Tempe and Talon continue their friendship, despite her mom's rude objection, which develops into more. He watches out for her, makes her feel safe. His mom even starts teaching Tempe to cook. His family is enormous and lovingly welcomes her. Tempe relies on Talon and his family, they love her, and she loves them.

Time goes quickly, and Tempe’s parents soon throw her a lavish graduation party in their new home. Her dad has a job now, and her parents have quickly gone back to their old lifestyle. When Tempe and Talon are at the party together, her mother erupts in anger, lashing out. Devastating consequences come about after the party.

Tempe moves forward with going to medical school and soon has a new best friend, Liliana, who will be a part of Talon’s large family soon. Even as Talon keeps watch that Tempe is always safe, she seems to see a man on the fringe often, and he makes her uncomfortable. Who is he? And, can Talon keep her safe from everyone?

(This review contains an affiliate link. If you purchase Not Ready using the link, I may earn a small commission from your purchase. Thank you!)


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