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“Olive”-Written by Michelle E. Wilson, Illustrated by Angie Penrose

“Olive” written by Michelle E. Wilson, Illustrated by Angie Penrose

Olive” has a great message, great illustrations, and great lessons! Love this book! Kids will love reading this rhyming story again and again! 5 stars!-Green Gables Book Reviews

Wilson and Penrose have created “Olive” and poor “Olive” is having a rough day. Olive is a happy lamb, but things keep going wrong! She spilled her cereal, over glued her art project, fell in a mud puddle and more. She is feeling blue. But, Olive knows her family loves her, no matter what.

A great book to talk about feelings and what to do if you make a mistake, with a great “Stop and Think” guide included at the back. A fun book to read with your young child to learn about feelings.

Available now! (Commissioned link-thank you!)


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