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Oliver and Jumpy – by Werner Stejskal

Oliver and Jumpy – by Werner Stejskal

Oliver and Jumpy – by Werner Stejskal

What an adorable series for kids! The colorful characters will make this a book series that your young child will want to look at again and again! The books not only look great, they have a story that goes with them, too, to learn a bit about animals. Great books to give as a gift!~Janell

Oliver, the Cat, is an elegant gentleman. He always wears a white top hat and a red bow tie. He loves to go on adventures with his animal friends!

His best friend, Jumpy, is a Kangaroo and she has a son names Joey. Olly the Owl is another friend, who is very wise. You’ll meet many of Oliver’s friends during his traveling adventures! Monkey Island, the glass castle of the fairy queen, a snowball fight with ice cream! What can be better for young kids who love both animals and adventure?

The Author has a wonderful imagination that will keep young kids fully engaged in his stories!

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