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One Perfect Night by Lorane Hopkins

Now available! Look at this beautiful book!

One Perfect Night by Lorane Hopkins

One night on a patio before a conference dinner.

One night with all the seats taken, except one.

One night of fun, a whirlwind, dancing, laughing, a pull toward each other.

But, no last names. No phone numbers. No contact after that night.

Until one becomes famous for their work and is asked to do a project for a huge company. It would be life-changing to have this account!

And, the other has thought of her often. And, wished he knew her name.

They are both shocked when she walks into his office. She leaves-and they both have feelings they cannot explain. But for her, it is more than just feelings that she has to protect.

"Great book! You may get mad at the characters a time or two, but that's ok! Well-written, realistic, and a great ending."-Books and Pens on Green Gables

The Blurb:

Cassidy Roark is swept up into what feels like a fairytale when she meets a man she knows only by the name Gray. He is charming, funny and oh so handsome! And when he asks her to spend her final night in Hawaii with him, she accepts with little hesitation. After all, he’s just asking for her company for dinner.

Gray Griffin meets the beautiful Cass on his last night on the Island of Maui after looking at property for his next hotel venture. He’d love to get to know her better but he’s afraid to tell her who he really is---a billionaire hotelier whose name is well known throughout the world. And the last thing he wants is see dollar signs in this woman’s eyes, so he comes up with a plan: having dinner together, no strings attached and no last names!

The night turns out better than either of them expect, in fact, it’s turned out to be one perfect night for both of them. And the next day they return to their regular lives.

Four years later they meet again by chance and this time, they know who the other is. The one thing Gray doesn’t know about, though, is that he has a son, a perfect son from one perfect night spent in paradise.

I was given this book to read and review. Thank you!


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