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Original Sins by Aja Holland

Congratulations to Aja Holland! It's release day!

Original Sins by Aja Holland is the perfect cozy mystery for next to a fireplace with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. Likable characters, a great storyline, and a mystery I couldn’t solve.

What could be better?”

-Books and Pens on Green Gables

Reggie, new in town, is getting up to speed on small-town Diamond Cove, Maine, with Jonathan Manx and Dr. Francis Cole at the local café. After toasting to the Psychology Department now being fully staffed for the University, another person new to Diamond Cove walks into The Clipper to pick up his order. He is the chief of police, Denny Petit. He joins the trio, and a ruckus begins at the hostess stand just after they’ve introduced Petit to Reggie.

Once they have been seated, Karen Danning, drinking too much, has continued making a scene shouting at her husband and being rude to the waitress. Chief Petit, familiar with the couple, mentions to the group he may need to step in. As Karen becomes louder, Petit waits; when she pours water in her husband’s lap and throws the glass at his head, Petit knows it’s time to go to work.

When Reggie’s phone rings early the following day, she’s surprised that it is Chief Petit. He’s asked her to join him at a crime scene. The victim? Karen Danning, the woman from The Clipper. Danning’s brutal murder creates suspicion of several people in Diamond Cove. The woman’s husband, her daughter, a lover…

But then there is another murder, just as brutal, and it doesn’t fit with the suspects Petit and Reggie had for the first crime. Who is responsible for these enraged and intense murders? When Reggie and Petit find a clue in an unexpected place of who may be next, can they get to her before the murderer does, and is one of them also a target?


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