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“Perfect Little Children” by Sophie Hannah

Perfect Little Children by Sophie Hannah

My thoughts-What would you do?

It’s been 12 years since you have seen or talked to your former best friend. Your son has a football game not far from the last address you have for them. Do you drive to their house? Do you knock on the door, unannounced? Or, do you sit in the car and observe?

What if you do go there. You’re sitting in the car, just hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of Flora, your former long-time best friend. Then, there she is! She looks the same just older, but wait-she’s talking on her phone and she’s crying.

You’re concerned so you keep watching. Soon, she hangs up and opens the backdoor of her SUV, and waits for her kids to get out of the car. The kids get out. What is happening? Thomas and Emily are young children. Twelve years have passed, they should be teenagers, but they still look the same as they did twelve years ago.

What would you do?

The main character, Beth, decides that she can’t let this go. She has to know what is going on! Why haven’t Thomas and Emily aged and how can they still be wearing the same clothing from 12 years ago? And, there was a baby. and, the rift in their friendship. Maybe the kids have an illness.

Beth ends up telling her family what she saw. They all become concerned and a bit obsessed with finding out the truth. Can the questions they are asking put them in danger? And, when Flora and Beth bump into each other, why does Flora run away?

So, if it was your former best friend, what would you do?

Perfect Little Children by Sophie Hannah


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