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Picture Perfect Lies – by Mia Hayes

Picture Perfect Lies – by Mia Hayes

Picture Perfect Lies – by Mia Hayes

This was a really fun book to read-I didn’t need to be 100% focused on it to keep track of what was happening in the book. A perfect read for a summer day in the backyard, with kids around. Great character descriptions, great travel locations. Well written, just like Mia Hayes other books! A fun book added to the Waterford Novel Series! Enjoy!~Janell

Veronica and Pete have had their problems in the past, but they are good now. The kids didn’t come home from college this summer and Pete and Veronica are ready to get summer started at a neighborhood Memorial Day get together. Image is everything is Waterford and she and Pete are the prefect couple-this summer will make that be true. Veronica is feeling like they are really reconnecting when she’s called upon to help out with Eve, who is drunk-again, and about to make a fool of herself. Feeling obligated, she goes to help Eve, regretting missing out on continuing things with Pete. Eve has taken things too far, and unfortunately everything in Veronica’s world changes unexpectedly that day, when Eve makes a drunken, but truthful announcement.

Veronica makes a quick decision that she needs a little space and time to think. She packs a bag to do some traveling. Along the way, she decides that she will continue posting about her picture perfect life. Social media is important in her world and she makes sure everything she posts looks amazing. Likes and loves are very important and she wants to make sure her image is front and center among her friends back home.

She meets travel companions along the way and starts to form a few connections. It doesn’t matter that she’s older than them, does it? She decides she won’t let that get in her way-she can still hold her own, in any group. She’s beautiful, has worked hard for the body she has, and she is desirable. One travel companion in particular, she feels like she’s connecting with. Oz is engaging, young and fun. He’s traveled the world and Veronica and Oz start traveling together. He makes her feel beautiful and young, and reassures her that Pete is a fool. Veronica continues her perfect social media life and wonders about her future.

Can she trust that Pete has changed? Will Oz share more with her about his life? Can life really be as perfect as social media makes it look?

5 stars!

You can buy Picture Perfect Lies here!

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