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“Pretty Little Wife” by Darby Kane

Pretty Little Wife” is fast-paced from the very beginning and doesn’t let up! I read as fast as I could to take it all in so I could know the ending-a great book by Darby Kane!”-Green Gables Book Reviews

Two people with less than ideal pasts, Lila and Aaron, fit together seamlessly. The public image of their marriage is perfect.

But, inside their home, it is as far from perfect as it can be. Aaron, a local favorite High School teacher and Coach, has an image to keep up and he wants Lila to do everything he says to keep their shining public image, while he keeps parts of his life hidden from her. Their life together is actually a sham. He is in charge.

When Lila finds video evidence that will destroy Aaron’s career and their life-it is too much to take. When she confronts him and his actions nearly kill her, she knows she has to form a plan.

When a local college town podcast starts to investigate a local student’s disappearance and finds other women’s unsolved disappearances, the people in town are on edge.

Then when Aaron goes missing everyone is shocked. The town and the police quickly turn against Lila. 

Lila is shocked, too, because his body isn’t where she had left it to be found.

“Pasts, secrets, and lies all collide to make “Pretty Little Wife” one for the top of your to be read list!”-Green Gables Book Reviews

You can purchase Darby Kane books here! I may earn a commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you-Thank you!

Watch for more new book reviews soon!


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