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Rag Doll Girls by Sydney James

“This was my first Sydney James book and I’m hooked! It kept moving, kept me wanting to read, had emotion, mystery, and is a truly great story.

Rag Doll Girls is one I’ll tell my friends about! So great! A five star book for me!”

-Books and Pens on Green Gables

Rag Doll Girls by Sydney James

Lisa is doing her best. She really is. But when she sees the eviction sign on her apartment, what is there to do, except gather her food supply and be on the couch? She knows she needs to work on herself, but it’s so hard! She has her routine and she likes it.

Astrid is Lisa’s sister, but their lives are worlds apart. Not only do they live in different countries and speak different languages, Astrid is married with two kids, and she is an attorney. Life is great!

The sisters haven’t seen each other for many years. But, Astrid is expecting Lisa to come to Mormor’s funeral. Astrid doesn’t realize what she is asking Lisa to do. Lisa is fighting with herself. Everything is hard when you’re like this. Walking, sitting on the airplane, having enough to eat.

Then, she’s there. Astrid is looking at her but doesn’t see her. Astrid is not expecting someone that looks like Lisa. When Lisa approaches her, Astrid tries to hide her shock at Lisa’s size, but Lisa sees it even though it’s subtle.

Lisa’s life was forever changed many years ago. She was with Astrid’s friend, Ellen, who died. Everyone thinks they know what happened, but Lisa knows the truth and she has lived with it all of these years. She could never tell anyone and it still terrifies her. She didn't think anyone would believe her, especially after she saw what she did in the yard. What will happen when she goes to Mormor’s home, where she hasn’t been since it happened all those years ago, when she was a five year old. Can Lisa resolve what changed her entire life?

Rag Doll Girls is such a GREAT book!! I read it fast and enjoyed every minute!

Thank you to Book Sirens for the early reading of Rag Doll Girls!

Here is the link if you'd like to purchase Rag Doll Girls. I may earn a small commission from this link. Thank you!


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