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Readers Wanted! How to Join Our Reading Team

Do you love books? Us too! We were thrilled when we got the opportunity to start hosting Book Tours!

We’re mailing out a batch of books today and more authors are booking tours with us! If you’d like to join our reading team, here’s how!

Please submit your name and social media links of where you’ll be posting about the books! You can comment here, send it from our homepage or email

You’ll also need to be able to post to Amazon and Goodreads.

When we are ready to send out new books, we’ll contact everyone on the list with the title to see who is interested in reading it. We may not be able to get a book to everyone who wants it each time due to limited quantities. And, some books might be for US readers only, due to shipping costs. (We need your US mailing address, too.)

We ask that in the 2-3 months that you have to read the book, that you post to your social

media 5 times. We’ll provide graphics for 4 of the posts-and the 5th one is your review! Then post your same review to Amazon and Goodreads.

Easy! FREE BOOKS! Great books! Supporting authors!

Contact us with questions! Can’t wait to read with you!


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