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“Remnant”-Daniel Peyton


Remnant by Daniel Peyton

“Peyton has written a thought-provoking book. “Remnant” will stay with you. Well written with strong characters and what a story!-Green Gables Book Reviews

The world is not as we know it in Daniel Peyton’s book “Remnant”.

Religion is not allowed and consequences are severe. Bibles have been destroyed. Elijah still stands up for Christianity, despite severe consequences.

Anna has always believed in God but as a Scientist has had to keep her beliefs hidden. Z her robot and best friend knows she believes and he has seen her reading her Bible. When something happens to make her question her faith, Z does everything a robot can to help.

Jessie and Dr. Skye are doing everything they can to discredit Christianity, including lying, blaming and fabricating events. They plan to take over the military and be in charge of everything happening in the world.

When Anna has a terrible accident an unknown creature rescues her. When she wakes, she is fearful of J’Kla, she has seen what these creatures are capable of. But J’Kla is not like what she has seen. J’Kla is taking care of her injuries and they are learning to communicate with each other. When J’Kla brings Anna’s Bible to her, she can’t believe it! And, he wants to learn to read it. Soon, Anna and J’Kla are friends. And, he wants to learn as much as he can about God.

When Z arrives, he is unsure of J’Kla, but soon is helping him to learn Engish. He is a fast learner!

When they are rescued, they think they can open up J’Kla’s world to others-they never imagined what would happen to them. Now they know Dr. Skye and Jessie can never be trusted.

Futuristic, Christianity and Sci-Fi all mixed into one book and so well done!

  1. Print Length: 480 pages

  2. Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited

  3. Publisher: Ambassador International (July 16, 2019)

  4. Publication Date: July 16, 2019

  5. Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

  6. Language: English


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