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Saving the Ghost – by M E Fuller

Saving the Ghost - by M E Fuller

Saving the Ghost – by M E Fuller

I really enjoyed this book! The characters are so well written that I felt as though I could see this book playing out in my mind. It is a book about childhood trauma and the effects of that trauma many, many years later. It is a book about how one person can effect someones life in such a horrible way, and about how a different person, even a child, can turn that same persons life around, by offering friendship and love. This book has characters you will remember and you’ll be able to see their surroundings and feel the seasons they are in. Saving the Ghost deals with the challenges of a very serious subject and does contain explicit content. Even with the very serious subject matter, I really liked this book and I highly recommend reading it! I feel like this is a book to talk about – the family coverups, the complex lies, the pain and deep, deep sadness…5 stars ~Janell

Ellen, the main character in Saving the Ghost, is going to the last place she’d ever want to go. She’s on her way to pick up her Aunt Mercy, age 86, and Aunt Mercy’s best friend, Nellie Jean. She loves them both, and loves to spend time with them. But, they are on the way to the funeral of Billy McInnis. Billy, is Ellen’s father, and Ellen is not upset about his death, she is simply there to see her father, “that abusive son of a bastard, in his coffin”.

Ellen has not seen her mother, Virginia, for 40 years. As Ellen is lost in thought, Aunt Mercy and Nellie Jean make their way to pay their respects to Billy. They hold each other and support each other. Ellen sees movement and Nellie Jean has collapsed, she rushes to help. Nellie Jean is fine and as Ellen is helping her, she realizes she saw a glimpse of her Uncle Terry in his wheelchair. She wonders why he left before the service started.

As a few days go by, Ellen is faced with feeling nervous and jumpy. She misses her husband, Ned. He is with his family, mourning the death of his sister. Ellen continues to struggle and decides she needs to confront her Mom, Virginia. Virginia does not want to see Ellen or hear what she has to say. Ellen still confronts her and it ends with Virginia telling her to leave. How could Ellen have ever known what Virginia would do next?

Will Ellen ever recover from the dysfunction of her childhood? Can Ned pull her out of this depression she seems to be entering? Can her best friend CiCi help?

Why has Billy’s death has this effect on her? How can she get back to where she was before? For ten years Ellen has been depression free. Why is this so hard?

Does Aunt Mercy have the ability to heal Ellen’s hurts, like she could when Ellen stayed with her as a child? Could staying in Capitol help to heal Ellen? Can telling Aunt Mercy everything finally free Ellen of this hate and brokenness she feels?

If you’ve read this book, I’d love to discuss it with you!

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