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Saygar: The Detective, The Case of the Missing Noodle by Elizabeth Jurado

Book three in the Saygar series adds even more fun to your bookshelf!

Elizabeth Jurado is a great author. Her Saygar books are perfect for kids who love superheroes (and what kid doesn't?)

The backstory-Saygar is an ant. But not a typical ant. He's kid-sized, he has friends, and he goes to school. BUT, it's a secret. Only Saygar's friend Joseph knows he's not a regular kid!

There are a few challenges when your best friend is an ant, especially a giant ant. He eats A LOT. Like everything in sight! And he doesn't have a house-so he lives in the tree house in Joseph's backyard without Joseph's parents knowing it. OH! And he always has to wear a hat because-you guessed it-his antennae would give him away!

Fast-forward to this book. Saygar the Detective is on the case when Noodle goes missing! Oh the adventures they end up on as they search for Noodle, try to keep Saygar's identity a secret, and work against the clock. Will they find Noodle in time?

Great book and good clean fun for elementary-age readers.

Releasing soon!


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