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“Saygar the Magnificent” by Elizabeth Jurado

“Sagar the Magnificent” by Elizabeth Jurado

“Elizabeth Jurado has written a fantastic book kids will love! Fiction, imagination, fun and a little bit of innocent mischief make this book great!”-Green Gables Book Reviews

When 3rd grader Joseph needs something for show and tell, he brings an ant in a bottle to school. An easy project, so Joseph thought. All of a sudden there’s a new “kid” in school and Joseph’s ant is missing! What can Joseph do?

Joseph’s life is turned upside down when he and Sagar try to hide their big secret from everyone in the class. Joseph spends all of his time worrying about Sagar getting into trouble-and he does! Overeating, bad manners, chewing gum and more all lead to trouble for Joseph and Sagar.

A fun book, good clean silly humor, perfectly suited for elementary age students.

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