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Screw You Van Gogh by Jeff Howard

Screw You Van Gogh is fiction, but it could be about any of the teens you know.

Screw You Van Gogh is fiction, but it could be about any of the teens you know. Many topics teens face are addressed in this important book written by Jeff Howard.

When a new girl moves to town, she doesn't even want to try to become friends with anyone because she knows she and her mom will probably be moving again soon, just like they always do. She's learned the hard way. When you leave your friends behind, it hurts too much, so why bother? Her mom takes her to her new school, and the counselor shows her around. He seems ok. He even offers to meet with Cassidy a couple of times a week.

Cassidy didn't expect to meet someone so insistent on becoming her friend, and before she realized it, she had three new friends in this new town that she knows she can count on for anything. They become the kind of friends who watch out for each other and can read each other.

They each have things they are faced with that are tough topics. Money issues, bullying, trying to fit in, and parent stuff, are just the issues on the surface. So many things are deeper. The things they feel might overtake them but don't discuss. Can anyone break through the barriers?

Screw You Van Gogh is a highly recommended five-star book. Thank you to Blue Cottage Agency for the book!


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