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Secrets of the IN-Group-by Carolyn Re and Loretta Re

“Secrets of the IN-Group” by Carolyn Re and Loretta Re

In “Secrets of the IN-Group” women come to be together in response to an ad at the library to join a book club. Six women, not knowing each other coming together for a common reason. What could go wrong?

Soon, the women come to realize they are behind the times! They have a hard time with the Kindle app, their cells phones and I-Pads, and don’t even begin to talk about Facebook or Twitter! Going viral? Is that good or bad?

As the new friends get to know each other, they vote to ditch their book club and start to learn technology with the help of new to town, Martin. He takes them through starter lessons to get acquainted with technology and also gives them the customary warnings of using the internet.

The six women in the IN-Group start to become friends, and as one very special new friendship begins for Libby, Andrea and Sarah’s long term friendship is suffering because of a betrayal, discovered because of the technology classes. Will all of the women be happy with their lessons after they start putting their knowledge to daily use?

“A fun group of women learning technology in a non-typical way. Some will succeed and some may learn their lessons in a round about way. Great characters, who could be in your neighborhood book club! “Secrets of the IN-Group” by Carolyn Re and Loretta Re is an all-around fun book to read, with the perfect amount of mystery!-Green Gables Book Reviews

Thank you to BookSirens for a copy of “Secrets of the IN-Group” by Carolyn Re and Loretta Re to review!

You can order here! I may receive a commission with qualifying purchases. Thank you!

“Secrets of the IN-Group” by Carolyn Re and Loretta Re

Published by-Resisters

Published-May 2, 2019

Sold by- Amazon Digital Services

Reviewed by- Green Gables Book Reviews


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