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Secrets We Conceal by S.R. Fabrico

The Secrets We Conceal by S.R. Fabrico

The Secrets We Conceal by S.R. Fabrico is a well-written, emotional book. It is a book that may be difficult for some people to read.

"While the content of this book is challenging, sad, and devastating, Fabrico has done an excellent job writing this book. It is immediately engaging; an emotional and page-turning story of one young turmoil and strength."-Books and Pens on Green Gables

Laura loved going to play at her cousin, Susie's house. They would play with dolls, play outside, and have a lot of fun being carefree little girls and having fun with Aunt Penny. Until Laura didn't get to be a carefree little girl. Being a little girl was stolen away from Laura. And, after so much anguish, her words were dismissed.

Reading this well-written book made me angry at this fictional book family. Angry that Laura wasn't listened to, angry that she kept being left in the situations that she was and broken-hearted for her lost childhood.

The author, S.R. Fabrico has written a five-star book about a horrible thing. The strength and courage Laura finds in her life, despite her childhood is amazing

and encouraging.

Thank you to Love Books Tours for giving me this book to read and review.

If you would like to purchase,The Secrets We Conceal by S.R. Fabrico is a link.

I may earn a small commission from your purchase. Thank you.


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