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She's Up to No Good by Sara Goodman Confino

She's Up to No Good by Sara Goodman Confino

"An independent grandma and recently separated adult granddaughter take a road trip. And the granddaughter learns more about her grandma than she's ever known. The story of Grandma's younger days is told perfectly through the pages. Two great stories that blend into a perfect ending!"-Books and Pens on Green Gables

About the book-

Jenna is devastated. Her husband left her for someone else. No warning, no counseling. He's just gone. So she moved home and is ignoring him. And, she's NOT signing any papers. Nope. He can wait.

Grandma has decided she needs to go home -- to the home she lived in the summers with her family as a kid.

Jenna decides to go with her to help her grandma with traveling. And it's a good thing because Jenna finds out Grandma doesn't have a driver's license! Her spunky grandma starts sharing some stories about where they are going on the drive.

Jenna finds there's a whole life story to Grandma that she has never known. Grandma had a great love in her life before Grandpa! They were so in love...but Grandma's family forbid them from being together. As the story unfolds more and more over the summer, Jenna is drawn in.

Jenna also gets frustrated with her grandma as it seems she's found a handsome guy to spend time with Jenna while they are there. Is she playing matchmaker?

Great book, cozy read.


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