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Shoes on the Stairs – by Jan Steele

Shoes on the Stairs – by Jan Steele

Shoes on the Stairs – by Jan Steele

This book immediately got my attention!

Claire, an over scheduled Mom, sounds a lot like me! Loves the snooze button, yoga pants are the best, my age, my hair color, my eye color-WHAT?!! I know-how could I not be drawn in to this book? And, I loved it. The message it has is so current for today-actually there’s more than one message! But, the main one is this-Bullying is a very real thing-and it goes through many stages. Let’s all keep our eyes and ears open to fight this very real problem! Five stars, without a doubt!-Janell, Green Gables Book Reviews

Claire’s day starts like any other, with the alarm clock, and the snooze button. Why is every morning like this? Tired, rushed, overbooked, kids don’t want to go to school, Jazzie can’t find her shoes and everyone ends up a little out of sorts and her husband Brad? He seems oblivious to the chaos as he enjoys his coffee. How does he not see this morning tornado everyday?

To add to the stress, Claire has to make an unexpected trip to school to deliver a forgotten item. How can she add this to her already crammed schedule? She heads to school and to get through her day. Whoever would have thought a regular day would end with an intersection mishap and trying to find the white light everyone talks about? Where is it? She knows it has to be here!

Claire soon finds herself caught between Heaven and what feels like Hell as she sees her family trying to go through life without her. She sees their pain, their grief, her teenagers mistakes. What can she do? She longs to help them. She fears, especially for Edward, who is having to deal with a bully from years ago, who made his life miserable. When she sees Ivy is having to deal with the same bully after a scary incident, she fears for her older children’s safety.

This book puts a new spin on bullying. It is a unique angle for a Mom to see what happens when it seems no parent is around. We need to all keep our eyes and ears open to what our kids are saying, and actually listen when they talk to what they are and are not saying in the conversations we have. Such a well written book that address 3 very real subjects in a more light hearted way. 5 stars, without a doubt!

Thank you to Jan Steele and Booksprout for sending this book to me to read and review!

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