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Sick part 2 by Christa Wojciechowski

“I read part 1-and when I got part 2, it jumped to the top of my TBR pile. This series, while deeply disturbing on so many levels, is amazing! The intensity of the first page is unexpected but contributes perfectly to the book. Unbelievable, intense, and SICK, but so amazing to read from the very first sentence!”-Books and Pens on Green Gables

Books and Pens on Green Gable's thoughts-

Wow, Author Christa Wojciechowski’s mind must be extraordinary.

SICK. These books are incredible! The intensity is unexpected but is perfect for the storyline. Unbelievable, intense, and SICK, but so amazing to read from the very first sentence! You might need to reread the words on the first few pages because it’s so unbelievable! Clear your calendar to read this one!

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I strongly recommend that you read Sick book 1, or at least read its review here before you start Sick part 2.

At the end of part 1, Susan discovered John’s secret. The reason behind his multitude of surgeries and severe health issues. The reason she can no longer feel sorry for him. The reason she is enraged! The reason part 2 begins with something in Susan’s hand she never would have expected.

Sick part 2 is John’s turn to tell his story and he is not shy in sharing with his wife, Susan. He holds nothing back when he speaks of how he felt unimportant to his mother. As the Demerol flows in his veins, he keeps talking. His father was never home, and he felt invisible. Then one day, he noticed a child at school being tenderly cared for. He yearned for that care, to feel that love, to be taken care of. John soon realized a place he could find that kindness and caring.

But still not from his mother.

As John grew older, and he had more ailments, he still couldn't get her attention. He even threatened a family employee to keep one of his secrets.

Susan is shocked. She cannot believe she is married to this SICK person. This person who needs so much help. But, she sees what she has done. She’s ready to make the call to 911. They need help. But, John stops her with his words.

I cannot wait for Part 3!


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