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“Side Trip” by Kerry Lonsdale

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Green Gables Book Reviews thoughts-Kerry Lonsdale is an author you know you can always count on for a great book! Her topics are always relatable, the characters become real, and the books stick with you. Side Trip is another win! Emotional, realistic, thought-provoking, and wow are words I would use to describe it to friends. Side Trip is a book that will make you sad a few times, mad, curious, and leave you in wonder about the choices we make in our lives.

Kerry Lonsdale is an author you know you can always count on for a great book! Her topics are always relatable, the characters become real, and the books stick with you. Side Trip is another win!”-Green Gables Book Reviews

When a significant change is about to happen in her life, Joy knows that there is something she needs to do first. Before she moves with her fiancé to New York, she has to complete the bucket list her sister never got to finish before she died. Her fiancé doesn’t seem to completely understand this need Joy has but he agrees. She starts on her journey, list in hand. Determined to do it all, to do what her sister couldn’t. Route 66 and her convertible await.

Dylan and Joy end up at the same diner. They start talking, and Dylan needs a ride to New York. He is a musician with a broken-down vehicle that needs to catch a flight in New York. Joy is going there anyway, so they make a deal. He pays for the gas, but no last names, what happens on the road stays on the road, and if a side trip comes up, they both need to agree. Easy, right?

They learn a lot about each other on this trip, and they share deep thoughts, fears, worries, conversations that aren’t always had. They develop a friendship, a wondering, and go down a road they may never have taken. And, at the airport, they make one more promise that impacts them both. Thinking of the what if, wondering about choices, wondering if they are thinking about each other years later. Then, it is time to fulfill the last promise. Will they both remember it? 

On Kerry Lonsdale’s website, you will find discussion questions for Side Trip, a great addition to your book club book list. It would lead to amazing group discussions!

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Kerry Lonsdale is the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Amazon Charts & #1 Kindle bestselling author of standalone and series-based emotionally charged domestic drama. A mash-up of domestic suspense, family drama, and contemporary romance, her novels straddle genres, and with over twenty-seven foreign language translations, they appeal to a wide, global audience. She lives in Northern California with her husband, college-aged kids, and two cats. When Kerry’s not writing, she can be found binge-watching anything with big CGI effects or high drama. She’s a sucker for stories about second chance romance, strong women overcoming odds, and families with dark secrets.


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