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“Snow: The First White Christmas” by E. W. Rhodes

Green Gables Book Reviews thoughts- When I was a kid, we had five or six special books that came out only at Christmas time. I remember loving those books and looking forward to seeing them every year. When I got older, my mom gave some of the books to me, and in our home, we continued the tradition! Do you have a similar tradition? If not, Snow: The First White Christmas would be a great book to start your collection!

E. W. Rhodes has written a delightful book called Snow: The First White Christmas. It has beautiful illustrations that give almost an antique-type feel to this timeless children’s book illustrated by Katrin Budeeva. Your kids will love hearing this wonderful, sweet story.

About the book Snow: The First White Christmas Snow is an elf who wants more than anything to help Santa. He loves being an elf! Last year, he goofed off a little bit, but he has decided that this is his year to show Santa how responsible he is. He wants to be a toy deliverer with Santa, and this year he has a chance to be chosen! When Snow finds out Santa has special plans for him, he works extra hard doing his job and helping all of the elves, even skipping playtime!

Snow is tired from all of his hard work! But, he has plenty of time to rest before Santa needs his help, and he knows the children will be so excited to see all of their great toys on Christmas morning!

Snow falls into a deep sleep. When Snow wakes up, he is so sad! He starts to cry. Can you guess why Snow is crying and what happened next?

E. W. Rhodes has written a great-looking collection of children’s books!

Snow: The First White Christmas releases on November 8, 2021. Thank you to E. W. Rhodes for giving me a copy of this book to read and review.


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