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Someone Else's Child by Alison Ragsdale

“How many times in one life can your heart break? Someone Else’s Child, while heartbreaking and emotional, is perfect for when you need a book to pull you in right away. Expect some tears, scary moments, and cheering for the tiny victories.

5 stars, very highly recommended.”

-Books and Pens on Green Gables

About the book- Someone Else's Child-As Catriona and Duncan are still struggling with grief over the death of their baby, Faith, at birth, they get a phone call they didn’t expect and their family became complete when they saw a photo of baby April. They knew she was meant to be their daughter, and she was beautiful and perfect and so loved.

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Catriona loved being a mom. Hearing laughter and playing and keeping an eye out the window brought her such joy. April’s sweet little voice and laugh brought a light to their little family.

One day, the worst possible thing happened. The devastation of it caused April to withdraw from Catriona. This hurt was so much to bear, but April’s grief and pain were the priority, not Catriona or Duncan’s feelings.

As they tried everything to help their sweet April, the worst possible letter came in the mail. Her birth mother wants to see her.

Lauren appeared, and Catriona saw how strongly April resembled her birth mother. Soon, April was holding Lauren’s hand, scooting her chair closer to Lauren at the table, and playing with her younger half-brother, all while she pulled farther away from Cat and Duncan.

Then, Lauren says what they feared. April should be with her.

What can parents do when they love their child so much, but she turns away from them, and lights up with her birth mother?

"Alison Ragsdale has done it again! Highly emotional, so well done, perfect descriptions, love. 5 stars!"

-Books and Pens on Green Gables


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