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Surprise Me! – by Sophie Kinsella

Surprise Me! – by Sophie Kinsella

Surprise Me! – by Sophie Kinsella

Surprise Me! by Sophie Kinsella is a book I listened to as an audio book through our local Public Library. Audio Books are wonderful for car rides, to listen to as you clean the house or work in the garden. Thank you to my wonderful husband, when I’m home I wear my Apple Air-Pods he got me and I get to listen to my books.-Janell

This book has some things in it that actually made me laugh out loud! It is about a husband and wife that have been together for 10 years-an accomplishment they feel very proud of. They finish each others sentences, know each others routines and are completely in sync. They agree on nearly everything and rarely argue. They have twin daughters that are 5, and are close to Sylvie’s Mother, who has never been the same since Sylvie’s Dad died. He was an incredible man that everyone loved. Sylvie’s life changed when he died and she went through an “episode” when he died. Since then, Sylvie feels that everyone treats her as though she is fragile, and sometimes she feels like she is living I her own safe routine bubble. Through it all, Dan has been her biggest supporter and saw her through the dark days. They are so in love and joyful about the life they share.

Dan and Sylvie go to the Doctor for their physicals and the Doctor proclaims how healthy they both are and what long lives they will both live. They start to realize that they have a very long life ahead of them together and how will they still keep their lives exciting? Won’t they get bored with each other? How can they keep their marriage alive for almost 70 more years?They get to the point of “Project Surprise Me” to keep life interesting. They go through many silly surprises, and one out of they blue surprise that they both really enjoyed seems to change everything. All of a sudden, Dan is acting differently. “What is going on with him?”, Sylvie wonders. Within a few days, Sylvie starts to wonder…does she really know Dan at all? Is he leading a completely different life? Does he even love her?

Let me know if you’ve read this book! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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