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Sweet Pear by Jessica Butler

“Oh, my gosh!! Sweet Pear by Jessica Butler will go down as a 2022 favorite!

Smart, funny, confusing, and I loved every minute!”

-Books and Pens on Green Gables

“I loved reading Sweet Pear! A funny, sweet, confusing love story with a young bride trying to figure out her life. Literally. Why does her ex-boyfriend think they’re married, and why did she wake up at his house? She’s married to someone else…isn’t she? Hilariously confusing and proof that every girl needs a best friend to set her straight. So great! Five stars!” -Books and Pens on Green Gables

The book starts with Elle hiding in the bathroom. Why is her ex-boyfriend outside the bathroom door? Elle thinks she’s going to be sick. What did she do? And, how can she leave his bathroom when he’s standing right outside the door? She takes the plunge, opens the door, says, “Nice to see you?” to hottie Josh as she rushes out the door to head to her best friend, Gwen’s house. Gwen will help sort this out.

The first problem is that Josh broke Elle’s heart, so why would she be with him again? And the second BIGGER problem is that Elle is married to Ryan. Right? Isn’t she? Why is Gwen telling her she’s married to Josh. What-is-going-on?

A hilarious adventure follows of Elle trying to figure out her life. She examines some of her actions in the past and grows from them. She thinks of how Josh treated her and how her amazing husband Ryan treats her. He’s busy, but thinking about the first time they met, still melts her. Except, she runs into Ryan at a coffee shop, and, ok, this is getting more and more weird for Elle.

Add this to your TBR ASAP! You’ll love it, too!

Thank you to Love Books Tours and the author for providing me with Sweet Pear to read and review.

This book review contains an affiliate link. If you use the link to make a purchase, I might earn a small commission. Thank you!


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