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“Taino Tales: The Secret of the Hummingbird” retold by Vicky Weber and illustrated by Ol

Taino Tales: The Secret of the Hummingbird, retold by Vicky Weber

Starting with the first page, there are so many wonderful things about Taino Tales. It is geared toward elementary-age students, and the illustrations are so vibrant and well-done that they tell the story on their own to a young reader. I can imagine someone reading it to their child just one time and then the child being able to “read” it back to them.

This book would be a perfect gift for a young adventurer in your life that enjoys learning about other cultures. It might also be perfect for kids who love to use their imaginations or kids who enjoy a bit of fantasy and wonder. Some kids might really enjoy getting to learn a few new words from the pronunciation guide. I think the story of Taino Tales is one that kids will remember and want to tell it again!

“I think the story of Taino Tales is one that kids will remember and want to tell it again!”-Green Gables Book Reviews

Taino Tales: The Secret of the Hummingbird is a story about Alida, the daughter of the chief of her Taino tribe. They lived in a beautiful tropical land. Alida loved to go to the hidden pool at the bottom of the waterfall, where she felt safe. Tensions had grown with another tribe, Carib, and Alida would hide at the pool. One day she was not alone! There was a boy there around her age. Who was he? Soon, Alida discovered he was from the Carib tribe. But, to Alida and Taroo tribes didn’t matter. They spent many hours talking. One day, they are discovered. And, things changed for them. They were both very sad. Then, … Kids will love to hear the rest of this great story!

Be sure to visit Vicky Weber’s website. She has many books with eye-catching covers! And, thank you Vicky Weber for sending me a copy of Taino Tales to read and review!

Here is my affiliate link if you would like to purchase the book! An affiliate link means I may earn a small commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you!


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