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The Art of Remembering – by Alison Ragsdale

The Art of Remembering – by Alison Ragsdale

The Art of Remembering – by Alison Ragsdale

This is the first time I have read a book by this Alison Ragsdale and I want to read all of her books! I’ve looked at her website and all of her books look like a style that would be heart warming and the type I gravitate toward. I’ll definitely be adding them to my reading schedule!

I took five pages of notes for my review of this book. I didn’t want to miss any of the details I thought I might want. It is so well written that I didn’t question anything as I read. It all flowed beautifully. A five star book!~Janell

The Art of Remembering by Alison Ragsdale

Ailsa is a talented dancer, who has spent most of her life dancing. She works very hard and her hard work has paid off! She goes on tour often and has traveled to many places. She is known among her peers as the best. She and her husband, Evan are going through a bit of a difficult time, as Ailsa has reached a point in her life where she wants something more-she wants a baby. She loves her best friend Amanda’s daughter, Hayley, and knows she would be a wonderful Mom. Evan says the timing is wrong and this is causing a lot of tension between them. Between Evan and Ailsa’s Mother, Ailsa feels very managed-like her career is her life for them.

Ailsa has started to struggle with headaches. It is an extreme pain that comes on quickly and seem to be getting worse. Aisla thinks they are due to stress, but deep down, she is concerned. She goes to the Doctor, but puts off further testing that the Doctor recommends. After a terrible fight with Evan, Ailsa goes on tour. She’s on stage and things don’t seem right. She can’t focus and the music sounds different, but she starts dancing. Suddenly, is overcome with tremendous pain! She cannot continue dancing and her friend Amanda and the other dancers shield her as she goes off the stage. Why has this fight with Evan affected her this way? Can she go back out on stage and dance?

This is a beautifully written book, that I highly recommend!

Get your copy of “The Art of Remembering” here!

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