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“The Beautiful Ugly” by James Snyder

Snyder has composed a beautifully written book, but yet the content is ugly. It is an ugly picture of the foster care system in America. But, through the ugly, this book tells a beautiful story and gives hope.”-Green Gables Book Reviews

My thoughts-Reading “The Beautiful Ugly” by James Snyder made me feel so many different emotions! The rawness of this book will anger you. While reading this, I felt anxious, hopeful, very sad, in disbelief, anger, shock, and frustration over and over in this work of fiction that could be very real. That is a very scary fact. What happens to kids in the US when their parents die and there is no extended family? What happens to kids when they are “in the system” – who watches over them day to day? Or are they left on their own?

In this 5 star book, “The Beautiful Ugly“, Connolly slowly returns to consciousness-but she won’t move or open her eyes-not yet, not until she’s sure it is safe. She immediately knows where she is. And why. Her wrists have been tended to, they will heal. But, will she ever heal? Her life…what happened to her life! Her parents were gone when she was so young and the places she lived, can she even remember them all? Her only goal-what kept her going was to find her brother and then, and then…now she is here. Alone again.

In this book, Connelly revisits her life and her choices, and what she had to do to simply survive. What comes next? Is there a next for Connelly or is this it?

Read this amazing, eye-opening book. There truly is always hope.

(There are some scenes in this book that some readers may want to skip over.)

Do you want to read “The Beautiful Ugly” by James Snyder? You can order here through Amazon. This is an affiliate link, meaning I may earn a commission but at no extra cost to you.)

About the James Snyder and more about his other books: (from his author Bio)

James Snyder was born in Memphis, Tennessee and lived in many parts of the United States before settling with his family in Napa Valley. Among a variety of careers and occupations, he was a soldier with a tactical mobile operations unit in Germany, as well as an executive for a Fortune 500 company. He has published short stories in the Houghton Mifflin Black Mask anthologies, the Ginosko Literary Journal, and was a finalist in the New Letters’ Alexander Patterson Cappon Prize for Fiction. He is the author of the military thriller AMERICAN WARRIOR, the suspense thriller DESOLATION RUN, the literary coming-of-age THE BEAUTIFUL-UGLY, and the short story collection TALES OF THE LATE TWENTIETH CENTURY His latest novel, the historical thriller FRENCH QUARTERS, was just released by Milford House Press.

He occasionally blogs at and currently lives in the Texas Hill Country where he writes full time.


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