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The Boy Who Lived in the Ceiling – by Cara Thurlbourn

Freddy’s life is not going how it was meant to go. He had a family once, he had a home, he was loved. But things changed and Freddy is on his own. There’s no one but him. He lives on the streets, making money as he can, literally scraping by, with nearly nothing.

Violet lives in a nice home, with her family. Her Mom, Dad and little brother. Life is not perfect. Her Mom and Dad are tense with each other all the time, and ever since her Grandma died, her little brother won’t speak. Oh, yeah-and now, Violet has to leave all of her friends and start at a new school.

Completely by chance, Freddy stumbles upon an opportunity-a chance to sleep inside, be warm, wash his clothes, shower…but should he do it? What if he gets caught where he doesn’t belong?

Freddy and Violet become a part of each others lives in the most unusual way-and they start to genuinely care about each other. But, then, Violet starts to realize that Freddy knows everything about her and she really doesn’t know much about him. As he starts to seem to go into a dark place, she does some investigating. What she finds online is shocking. Where has Freddy gone and how can she tell him she knows what happened isn’t his fault?

The Boy Who Lived in the Ceiling has several talking points in it-the biggest one, I think, is our perception of people. When you read this book you will see it, too. Freddy discovered he was treated one way as himself, a homeless person-but treated differently when he dressed in a suit. Interesting to think about. Are some people invisible to us?–Green Gables Book Reviews

Get “The Boy Who Lived in the Ceiling” here-as an Amazon associate, I may earn a commission from this purchase. Thank you!


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