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The Child Between Us by Alison Ragsdale

"Family situations can be emotional, this one will break your heart."-Books and Pens on Green Gables

The Child Between Us by Alison Ragsdale

When Cassie's twin disappeared from their lives, no one could understand why. Yes, there were "things," but nothing that should have caused Isla to leave. They searched, and eventually, time went by, and they came to accept she was gone. It has been six years without a word.

When Cassie gets the call, she must go. Isla, her beautiful sister, Isla, is gone. Cassie goes to her home-how could she have been so near all this time? She can feel Isla in every room. Her heart is breaking.

As she wanders she sees photos. There is a picture of her and Isla as children. There is a photo of another beautiful little girl that Cassie doesn't recognize, but there is something there...

When she meets with the investigator, she learns that the girl in the photo is her sister's daughter, she is a lovely little girl named Marina. Isla has written that Cassie is to be her guardian. They begin to transition to a new life together.

When Cassie's mom meets Marina, she makes an observation, and it is the piece that has been niggling at Cassie's brain. The person who Marina resembles is someone from Cassie's past.

An exceptional book. You can feel the emotions of each character, and you may shed a tear. Alison Ragsdale has done it again!


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