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The Death of Mrs. Westaway – by Ruth Ware

The Death of Mrs. Westaway – by Ruth Ware

The Death of Mrs. Westaway – by Ruth Ware

Ruth Ware is an Author that is always amazing! I’ve read two other books she has written, “The Lying Game” and “The Woman in Cabin 10.” (Both 5 star books!) After reading those, when I saw she had written, “The Death of Mrs Westaway”, I knew I wanted to read it! I started out listening to it as an audiobook and I was thrilled when it became available as an ebook from my public library!

I liked this book a lot, but I did get a bit confused about two of the male characters. (This is where I like print/ebooks better than audio books- it is easier to look back). It is a mystery/suspense book that I highly recommend. Some of the things that happen in the book, I never would have guessed and I did not solve the mystery until near the end!- Janell @ Green Gables Book Reviews

Hal is very down on her luck. She is completely alone in the world, with absolutely no money to spare. She works on the Pier, reading Tarot cards. It was her Mothers business, Hal took it over when her Mother was killed. Hal is forlorn, swimming in past due bills and with nowhere to turn.

Then, she gets a letter about an inheritance! She knows the letter is not for her…but she is desperate. Maybe she could do this…just to help herself get away from these bills. These people have so much, she has nothing. What would it hurt?

Hal wrestles with her conscience about this decision. Does she go, as requested, and pretend to be an heir? On a rainy day, Hal finds herself at the funeral. She quickly realizes there is more wrong about this situation that just her being in attendance. This family is not a typical grieving family and Hal soon finds out why. The mysteries that follow run deep, with many people in the book having a story.

A very suspenseful, well written, edge of your seat, you might not get to bed early kind of book!

5 stars!

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