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The Empty Nesters – by Carolyn Brown

The Empty Nesters – by Carolyn Brown

The Empty Nesters – by Carolyn Brown

“The Empty Nesters” written by Carolyn Brown. This is a really emotional book! This gifted writer is able to bring you to a place of being able to feel the emotions of each of the people on this journey! They have all just gone through life changing experiences-a husbands death, a job change, divorce, kids graduation’s from high school and leaving home, and they are all dealing with their own types of emotions and grief. They’ve been neighbors and friends for so long that they are family now. They love each other deeply and are feeling each others pain.

When a last minute question about taking road trip comes up, they all say a quick yes-but was it the right decision? They decided so quickly…they start to second guess…but this is not a typical road trip. It is a road trip of grief but acceptance, pain but healing, looking forward to a big change and baby steps into love.

This is a feel good book, a healing book…it’s about the importance of family-however your family comes together, and the deep bonds created through love and time.

Thank you Carolyn Brown and NetGalley for letting me pre-read and review this book!

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