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The Existence of Amy by Lana Grace Riva

Amy has a good job, Amy has a nice apartment, Amy has friends and is loved. So, why isn’t Amy enjoying her life? She feels there is no comfort in her world and she is failing at being alive. If you know someone who is struggling at living their life right now, this book will give you a look into their world of trying to look normal and trying so hard to live life. If you know someone who needs help, take their hand and lead them to it. Highly recommended read! – Green Gables Book Reviews

Amy is struggling. It is so hard to get up and moving. And there is worse yet to come. Why is every step so hard? Out of bed, out the door, the bus, the elevator-oh, and there’s Ben, but all Amy can think about is that she just needs to wash her hands and get to her safe space at her desk.

Amy is existing, but Amy is not living. Amy’s life is a life of lying and excuses to not attend things outside of her comfort zone. Amy wonders if she will ever function properly again? How did her life get to this point and why?

Oh no, a work trip. She has to commit to it. How will she do this? An airport, security, public restrooms, close spaces sleeping in a bed others have slept in at a hotel. The preparations alone are overwhelming. But she has to do this. She’s on the plane and looking at the sky, sitting by her friend Ed. In this moment, she is ok.

Amy faces her struggles on the trip and mostly wins. But, at the end of the work trip Amy faces another struggle. She makes it back to London and wears the happiest face she can. She makes a promise to her friend, but can she keep it? She will try, why is everything so hard?

Several weeks later, Amy is in a new situation. What is happening to her? A friend appears and takes charge. Can this friend help with ways for Amy to start living instead of just existing?

Highly recommended. 5 stars! –Green Gables Book Reviews

Pub. Date: August 2, 2019

ISBN: 978-1086835816

Page Count: 281 pp

Publisher: Independently Published

Review Posted Online: October 5, 2019 by Green Gables Book Reviews


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