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“The Extraordinary Pause” written by Sara Sadik and Illustrated by Karine Jaber

An important book to read with your kids.

“Even as adults, we don’t fully understand the pause our world has taken. If we don’t understand, how can our kids? Sara Sadik has written this book, The Extraordinary Pause. I highly recommend it for parents, grandparents, and teachers to read with the children you love.”-Green Gables Book Reviews

The Extraordinary Pause will be released in mid-September, 2021, and I think this book will have a big impact on kids. I am so impressed by the way this book is written. It is focused on all of the changes that happened during the pandemic and why. I love that it talks about things important to kids-missing birthday parties, hugs, playing with friends, and more. And, it also talks about the changes families made, what we learned and gained through the pandemic. It’s written by a mother of three, who wrote this book with the sudden changes her kids were going through in mind. Not only is it a great storyline but the illustrations are great, too! They are colorful and I think they will really help kids follow along with the book. Near the end of the book, there is a guide for discussion with your kids in this Pandemic keepsake book.

I highly recommend The Extraordinary Pause. It’s being released in the US soon and releases are also being written in Spanish, Arabic, French, and German.

You can order a copy for yourself here, using my Amazon affiliate link. (Shopping through an affiliate link means I may earn a commission on your purchase, but at no extra cost to you.)

Thank you to Eifrig Publishing for sending me a copy of The Extraordinary Pause for me to review.


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