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The Falls by Colleen McMillan

Congratulations to Colleen McMillan on the release of The Falls!

"Colleen McMillan just became one of my favorite authors. The Falls has a perfect amount of suspense and mystery, and the reveal at the end is like nothing you have read before!"

-Books and Pens on Green Gables

“Well-written and fast-moving, you won’t be prepared for life in The Falls.”

-Books and Pens on Green Gables

Sterling Falls was once a well-known, thriving mill town in Minnesota. When the mill closed, everything changed. Many moved away to find jobs, and the ones that stayed are still shaken by an event last year.

The Terrible Trio, three best friends as kids, are all back in Sterling Falls for different reasons. In their younger days, they were always together and practically knew each other's thoughts. But, a terrible teenage mistake forced Maddie to leave town. She is only back because Billy needs her. He is very sick and moved back to Beacon Marsh, a historic home in Sterling Falls, so his father, a doctor, can take charge of his care. The last of the trio is Fletcher, who came back to town to assist the police last year, and after solving a shocking crime, he stayed.

As she arrives in town, Maddie sees police cars at Downing's Alpaca Farm. As a zoologist, she thinks if an animal is sick, maybe she can help. She couldn’t believe the destruction in the paddock. The death and carnage at the hobby farm are unlike anything Maddie has seen.

Maddie and Fletcher go to the library to see if anything like this has ever happened, and the librarian, Darcy, a skilled historian, tells them about the town's history.

When another death occurs in Sterling Falls, everyone is on edge, and they want answers from the sheriff, now. Who or what is killing in their town and why. Can Maddie and Fletcher figure this out before something else happens?

Well-written, fast paced and an ending that will leave you thinking WHAT JUST HAPPENED???


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