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The Flying Tree by Ingo Blum, illustrated by Supuni Suriyarachchi

The Flying Tree by Ingo Blum, illustrated by Supuni Suriyarachchi

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The Flying Tree is a rhyming book kids will love! Great illustration, and written in English and French, your kids will love to learn these rhymes! A great story about going on an adventure but that there is no place like home. The swallow was my favorite. I wonder who will be your kids' favorite? An excellent conversation-building book.

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A lonely tree stood on a snowy hill. He was bored and lonely. As spring came, his tree friends had animals visiting them, but he was still all alone. Then, a swallow came looking for shelter, and they became friends! Oh, the extraordinary adventures they had! You see, the swallow could do magic! And, soon, he and the Flying Tree were on a beautiful tour of the land. Over the lakes, the cold mountains, and the hot desert, the swallow and tree saw the land, but the tree was getting tired! Then one day, he saw the most beautiful sight, was it? Could it be? HOME!

The Flying Tree comes in many different languages! A fun way to introduce kids to a new language!


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