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The Guest Room by Rona Halsall


“After you read The Guest Room by Halsall, you might be scared to be home alone! A domestic thriller that checks all of the boxes. Cozy up and clear your calendar for this one!”-Books and Pens on Green Gables

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About The Guest Room by Rona Halsall-Steph is trying to find out how to live on her own. She had gone from her parent’s home to where she lives, until recently, with her husband. But, after thirty years of marriage, Andy left her and wants a divorce. She’s still shocked and can’t understand why Andy wouldn’t believe her that she was not involved with her boss. Steph and Andy are both angry and are not communicating well. They had gotten through hard things in their marriage before, like long-term behavior issues with their son Max. And how he terrorized his younger sister, Bea. And, they survived Max leaving ten years ago and not knowing where he was.

Steph realizes she needs to earn more money now that she’s on her own, mainly to keep the house. A friend suggests a renter since she lives alone and has lots of space. This idea comforts Steph as she’s had a few odd things happen lately at her home. Having someone else there would be comforting. When the strange things continue and start to escalate, Steph wonders if Andy is behind it. But he points fingers at someone else. Is Steph too close to the situation to see what is happening?

The Guest Room is a great book! I read it in one enjoyable day! Highly recommended! I’ll look for more by Rona Halsall! I was given this book as an early release to read and review. Thank you!


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