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The Guilty Mother – by Diane Jeffrey

The Guilty Mother – by Diane Jeffrey

The Guilty Mother – by Diane Jeffrey

Wow! This book! If you are looking for a mystery, here it is!

The Past-Melissa and her husband have beautiful newborn twin girls! They are thrilled, but Melissa is exhausted. She can’t keep up with the house, hasn’t showered, and is having a hard time bonding with the baby girls, Ellie and Amber. Her friend, Jenny, realized Melissa needed help. She helped with the house and getting things back in order, then she got Melissa and the girls outside for a walk. She even helped find them an au pair! Thing were still little challenging…it seemed that Amber always had a runny nose and sniffles. She cried constantly.

Fast forward a few years to 2013- Melissa is on trial for the murder of her beautiful babies. Will this nightmare ever end?

Jonathan Hunt-Present Day- the reporter that covered the original trial. His boss tells him there’s new evidence and she wants him back on the story. As Jon works to get the story and the truth as the appeal date is approaching. Will Jon uncover the truth? Is Melissa telling the truth? Who knows what really happened? And, how do you know who to believe?

Thank you NetGalley for this book to review!

Available now! Get your copy here!

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