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“The Island Affair” by Helene Halme

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Green Gables Book Reviews thoughts:

The Island Affair by Helena Halme is a great book to curl up with when you want to read a book with a bit of romance that also has a few questions waiting to be answered. The book is a quick read, well written, and the best news is that it is the first in a series of three books!

Distraught by the worse event of their lives, husband and wife, Alicia, a journalist, and Liam, a doctor, go for their usual holiday to see Alicia’s mother and step-father. They still live where Alicia grew up, in the Nordic Islands.

The grief Alicia feels over the death of their teenage son is a feeling that never leaves her, a weight she will always carry. His memories are everywhere, even here, because of the many holidays through the years here. Alicia longs to feel his energy, to hold him again. The grief is so heavy to carry.

Liam is not excited about this trip. He never is, but goes, nonetheless. He does not care for the sauna routine or the cold swims. This time, though, he has another reason he wishes he had stayed home. He knows it’s wrong, but he was so vulnerable after Stefan died. He needed comfort, and he found someone to comfort him.

Liam and Alicia end up arguing because of information Alicia found before they left. She is hurt and angry. When she suggests an idea to help repair their marriage, Liam firmly disagrees with her. He makes plans to go back home.

Alicia is not that upset about Liam leaving. It gives her a chance to think. Every message he sends, she deletes. In her mind, their marriage is likely over.

Alicia met Patrick and Mia early in the stay. And, it’s odd, but now Patrick seems to be so many places that she goes. They develop a bit of a … friendship, but beneath that friendship, Alicia is feeling something. It is like a bit of a jolt, a longing, a wondering. But, he is married to Mia.

When Alicia, and her parents (she has always thought of her step-father as nothing other than her father), go to the Midsummer bash that Mia and Patrick are hosting, her mother feels like it is the most exciting thing to happen. She has even chosen a new dress for Alicia from her shop. Alicia has to admit that she is looking forward to seeing Patrick.

Alicia is surprised by some choices she makes. One of them is applying for a job on a whim, the other is Patrick and her draw to him, and the other is finding out about a secret she would never have believed possible.

But, what about Liam?

I was given this book to read and review. Thank you!

Look for more books on Author Helena Halme’s website!


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