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“The Life and Times of Rowan Daly” by Rex Owens

The Life and Times of Rowan Daly” is a great historic account of what helped form libraries as we know them today! Getting to know Rowan as a person made this journey through her life and the life of the library so interesting!”-Green Gables Book Reviews

“The Life and Times of Rowan Daly”

Here’s what I liked about this bookRowan went through a terrible experience at a young age with the death of her husband. Someone she didn’t even know reached out to her, saw something in her, and gave her a chance. That person completely changes Rowan’s life. Life isn’t always easy-and sometimes help is right in front of us. We just have to be willing to accept it. 

About the book-Young Rowan is alone in the world after the death of her husband, Eli, in a mining accident. She has no family to rely on and their home has been returned to the mining company. She is living at the Union and she is lost, alone, and in despair. She has a hard time adjusting to this new life and some days she doesn’t even get out of bed as her grief consumes her. In her despair, she meets Florence, who helps care for her and encourages her.

Florence returns one day and offers Rowan a job and a new start. The WPA (Workers Progress Administration) is putting together the “Pack Horse Librarians” and Florence thinks Rowan is a perfect fit for the job. She’ll be moving to Pikeville, live in a Boarding House, and make $28 a month to ride a horse or mule and deliver books to people on her assigned route. 

Florence and Rowan had no way to know the many future opportunities that would come their way because of the “Pack Horse Librarians.” 

Rowan learned that sometimes you have to take a chance to get what you want in life! Rowan also learns that sometimes you have to stand up for yourself, and who you are, even if it might cost you what you want most in your life.

“Rowan has a story that makes you cheer for her every step along her path!”-Green Gables Book Reviews

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR, REX OWENS: (from his website):

Rex Owens published his first novel in the Irish Troubles Series, Murphy’s Troubles, in November 2013 the second, Out of Darkness, in June 2015 and the third, Dead Reckoning in April 2018. His fourth novel The Life and Times of Rowan Daly will be published in May 2021. All books are published by CK Books Publishing. UW Madison writing instructor, Christine DeSmet, describes his writing as cinematic. His fiction explores motives in making life-changing decisions and common themes in our human journey. Rex has a blog at; and is the host of the award winning radio talk show “My World and Welcome to It,” broadcast on the 1st and 3rd Monday every month at 10:30 am on 103.5 FM KSUN. The program is also streamed live at:

Rex supports local libraries by serving as the President of the Sun Prairie Public Library Board and President of the Dane County Library Services Board. He is also the discussion leader for the Wednesday Afternoon Book Club.


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