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The Lucky Ones by Liz Lawson

"This book is emotional and raw. It will make you feel May and Zach’s pain."

-Books and Pens on Green Gables

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BPonGreen thoughts-This book is emotional and raw. It will make you feel May and Zach’s pain. They are suffering! Author Liz Lawson wrote this book in a way that, I think, is very realistic. The after-effects of a school shooting are something I hope no one ever has to endure again. This book is 5-stars and highly recommended!


· angry

· acting out

· depressed

· alone

· scared

· sad


· in disbelief

· angry

· alone

· shunned

· protective

May and Zach have never met, but they are both dealing with big emotions.

May’s twin brother and some of her band classmates were killed in a school shooting last year. May was there. She was in the band room closet getting a music stand. She froze in fear. She stayed there, she heard it all, every shot, every scream. May is still terrified of tight spaces. She should have saved her brother, her twin, she should have been able to save him! She should have ran out, she should have…but she didn't and now he’s dead. May’s anger got her kicked out of school last year. She’s now allowed to return, but she’s not looking forward to it. Everyone goes to a new school now.

She can’t believe what she sees when she arrives there.

Zach can’t believe it happened again. He and Gwen walk out the door to go to school, and there it is in dripping blood-red letters. “BITCH”

Zach tried top shield his little sister, but she saw it. It’s pretty hard to miss. When will this stop? It’s all Zach’s mom’s fault. How could she have taken this case? Defending a school shooter, a murderer! Zach is so angry with her. She spends more time with that kid than at home, his dad never gets out of bed and all of a sudden Zach is like a parent to Gwen. Not to mention he’s lost most of his friends because of his mom’s decision.

When Zach and May meet, they do not know who each other are. Zach doesn’t know about May’s anger, May doesn’t know who Zach’s mom is. They become friends. They like each other, they are GOOD for each other. Life is almost starting to feel a little more normal.

When they find out each other’s secrets, can they look past them to still be friends. Or has that been taken away from them, too?

Add this to your TBR list!

I was given a copy of The Lucky Ones to read and review. Thank you.


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