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The Mother-In-Law – by Sally Hepworth

The Mother-In-Law - by Sally Hepworth

The Mother-In-Law – by Sally Hepworth

I enjoyed the Mother-in-Law by Sally Hepworth. The way the book is written is a style I really like and the characters in this book were all portrayed really well. This book is written in a way that you really feel like you know the characters. This book makes you realize that even someone that seems like nothing will faze them, can fall. And that even though we can’t always understand why someone does something, they have a reason for it. 4 stars.-Janell

This book focuses on a family-The Parents, Tom and Diana. And their adult children Ollie, married to Lucy, and Nettie, married to Patrick.

Diana is very focused on her charitable work, and she loves the families she works with, her own children feel she has been hard on them through the years. Tom, is a hard working, loving father, their kids usually go to him, rather than Diana when they need something, as he’s much easier on them than their Mom is.

As the book begins, Lucy is still getting to know the family as Ollie’s wife. She’s not sure how Diana feels about her and tends to think Diana really doesn’t like her. Hurtful things have been overheard, heard directly and she just doesn’t know what to do. Thankfully Father-in-Law Tom is wonderful, and Nettie and Lucy have become friends.

Ollie, Nettie and her husband Patrick have all accepted that Diana is rather harsh at times, but they love her, they know she loves them and just shows it in a different way. They have found ways to get around her and go to Tom, while staying on Diana’s good side. Diane and Tom are wealthy, the kids have grown up with some privileges, but at the same time, have worked harder that some of the peers, because Diana wanted to teach them about the value of working hard.

The family goes through many ups and downs and survives a near tragedy, that leads to a very upsetting revelation. A short time later, the family is shocked when they find out Diana has died unexpectedly. They cannot believe she would have committed suicide. Did she?

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