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"The New Friends" by Daniel Hurst

"Great book! Whenever we go on vacation, I may be a little suspicious of new friends! Highly recommended, quick read, be careful—it could happen!"

-Books and Pens on Green Gables

Books and Pens on Green Gables thoughts-This was the first book by Daniel Hurst I have read and it was great! It never got dull, stayed fast-paced, realistic (unfortunately), well-written, and a satisfying ending. What could be better than that? Highly recommended! 5 stars!

Jamie and Becky have saved for their vacation. They work hard and save as much money as they can, but life is expensive! They feel like vacations are a big luxury, but the time away is so rejuvenating, they get away as they can. Jamie, a warehouse worker, and Becky, a teaching assistant, live a pretty frugal life and they both keep in mind their hope for a baby soon. Without Becky knowing, Jamie has been saving for when they do start a family and he wants to surprise Becky about the money he has saved up.

On their last night of vacation, they decide to splurge and go out for drinks. The table next to them is celebrating with champagne! They invite Jamie and Becky to join them for a drink. The four have a lot in common, except for one big thing. Phil, around Jamie's age, is already retired! He did well with investments and now he and Mel travel and enjoy an amazing life. They have great time getting to know each other and really hit it off. They share lots of laughs, and champagne! Phil and Mel even invite them back to their extravagant hotel for one last drink. As they say goodnight, they exchange phone numbers and hope to see each other again soon.

Phil and Mel, are not the fun loving new friends that Jamie and Becky think they are. Instead, they carefully chose Jamie and Becky to join them for champagne that evening. They also had a script they followed the whole evening to get Becky and Jamie feeling exactly as Phil wanted them to feel. What will happen the next time they are together? Will Phil proceed with his plan to destroy them-and why has Phil targeted this hard working young couple? Will Jamie and Becky realize what is happening before it's too late?

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The New Friends is a great book! Five stars! Highly recommended!

In checking out Daniel Hurst's website, ALL OF HIS BOOKS LOOK AMAZING!!! I would read any of them based the cover alone! And, there's a free book available on his website, too!


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