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The New Neighbour by Miranda Rijks

“I really enjoyed The New Neighbour by Miranda Rijks. The characters were great, and the plot kept me guessing. And the ending was unexpected. What could be better than that in a book?”

-Books and Pens on Green Gables

The Close.

It is a beautiful quiet neighborhood where Isobel and Mike Floyd live with their two young kids, Harry and Harper. They have just a few neighbors, and they love where they live. The neighbors aren’t close but are typically friendly, while everyone mostly keeps to themselves.

Mr. and Mrs. Quinn are the oldest in the neighborhood. Sadly, Mrs. Quinn has dementia, and Mr. Quinn cares for her in their home. A few times, she has snuck out of the house unnoticed, but the neighbors now keep an eye out for her. Mr. Quinn comes across as a bit gruff and wants to be left alone.

Jack and Josie Abbott are Isobel and Mike’s nearest neighbors -Josie was Isobel’s good friend until recently. Confused, Isobel still doesn’t know what happened, but now Josie is like a different person. The boys don’t even play together anymore.

Thomas Adler, singe, rich, works from home, loves his Lamborghini and flying his drone.

The Walkers have just moved away after their son, Wilson, was tragically killed in a hit and run in the neighborhood. There hasn’t been an arrest made yet. And, no one in the neighborhood can understand how this tragedy happened in The Close. Linette has just moved into the neighborhood as a renter in the Walker’s home. At first, she seemed nice, having the women over for coffee and later everyone in The Close over for an evening of drinks and dancing. But now? Loud parties into the early morning hours, unkind gossip, a pet pig that destroyed backyards, and more make Isobel wonder if Linette is a good fit. It seems like there has been an unsettled feeling in The Close since shortly after she arrived. As more and more odd things happen, Isobel becomes suspicious of her neighbors and one in particular.

When Lynette says something about a neighbor and someone Isobel is close to, Isobel doesn’t believe her; at least she doesn’t want to believe her. But, yet it tugs at her thoughts. Soon she goes on a search, and she can’t believe what she finds. Can it be true?

I was given The New Neighbour to read and review. Thank you to the author, Inkubator Books and NetGalley.

This review contains an affiliate link, if you purchase using the link, I may earn a small commission. Thank you.


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