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“The New Wife” by Sue Watson

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The New Wife by Sue Watson

The New Wife by Sue Watson

The New Wife is my favorite book of the week! After looking at Sue Watson’s website, I see several other books that I hope to read and review! I totally could not put The New Wife down, and you won’t be able to either!

Here’s a quick overview of The New Wife. A newly married couple buys a home in a remote area. They’ve known each other since pre-school, and the families always knew they’d get married. They are finally truly one big happy family! Sam and Lauren like their new home a lot, especially the gorgeous staircase, but Lauren does get a little worried at night, home alone, when it is so dark outside, and if Sam isn’t home from work yet.

The couple hosts an outdoor family dinner at their new home, and everyone seems a little “off.” Is it because of the date that Sam’s mom, Georgie, brought with her? James was an old friend of all of them, and she didn’t think it would be an issue, but something strange was going on. Later in the evening, some things get said around the fire pit that Georgie didn’t know about before the wedding.

A short time after this, Georgie gets a middle-of-the-night phone call from her son, Sam. Lauren is dead. Then, even worse news comes. The police suspect foul play. Then, news Sam did not expect is revealed.

Aaggghhhh! Sounds fantastic, right? You have to read it! I was given a copy to read and review and I’m so excited to have had an early viewing!

But, here’s the thing, The New Wife is not available yet. BUT, you can pre-order it, and it will come to your Kindle on November 19. Give your Kindle a surprise in November for just $3.99

More books by Sue Watson that I hope to read!


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