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The Night of the Party by Anna-Lou Weatherley


Two Couples. Three Secrets. One Murder.

“WOW, What a book. Unexpected twists, memorable people, and secrets that make families unravel. How well do we know our friends and family? Highly recommended!”

-Books and Pens on Green Gables

The Night of the Party by Anna-Lou Weatherley

The Night of the Party by Anna-Lou Weatherley

A dinner party among friends. Great friends, nearly life-long. Since college anyway. Now established in careers, established socially, comfortable in their positions in life. Dining, drinking, One couple with children, and one without. One child a musical prodigy, perfect in her mother’s eyes. They are best friends. She tells her mother everything…except. Her step-brother knows things, and two of the adults at the party know things. Is she really who her mother thinks she is? Or is she the manipulator as some of the others know her?

When the daughter who always texts-doesn’t, and who is always home on time-isn’t, the worry begins. The police are called, and then, a beautiful girl is found dead in the woods.

What will happen as the mysteries and secrets are unraveled? Will the girl’s mother believe what she is told? Will anyone believe what they are told, or will the secrets continue?

Thoughts about The Night of the Party by Anna-Lou Weatherley from Books and Pens on Green Gables-I really enjoyed this book! I couldn’t stop turning the pages. Great character descriptions, great storyline. The ended was not as I had guessed! I figured it out just before the reveal! Add this to your TBR pile! It’s a good one!


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