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The Night Olivia Fell – by Christina McDonald

The Night Olivia Fell - by Christina McDonald

The Night Olivia Fell – by Christina McDonald

This book had me hooked by the 2nd chapter! It was excellent-the way it was written, the story…you could almost see yourself in the characters as this story was told. It was so well written. -Janell

Olivia is a typical teenage girl. She has a boyfriend, she has good friends and she and her Mom are usually close.

Abi is woken by the early morning phone call all parents dread. Something has happened to Olivia. Abi rushes to the hospital.

What happened to Olivia? Did she fall? Was she pushed? Abi, Olivia’s Mom makes it her mission to find out….what happened The Night Olivia Fell? Olivia cannot tell her…she is lying in a hospital bed. She has lost all brain function and to everyone’s surprise, she is pregnant. What happened on this horrible night? How did Olivia fall? Who is the baby’s father?

As Abi starts to ask questions, she discovers many things…and worries that Olivia knew things Abi hoped Olivia would never find out. Was her powerful birth father responsible for her death so his campaign didn’t get bad press? Was her look a like “new sister” jealous? Was it an attempted suicide?

How can Abi go on without finding answers for Olivia?

In this well written book, we go between Olivia’s past few months and Abi’s current time, while both are trying to find the truth. Follow Abi’s journey as she unravels Olivia’s last months, discovers Olivia lied to her and why, and who Olivia’s Baby’s Father is. She does all of this as she prepares to become a Grandmother and prepares to say goodbye to her beautiful daughter.

A lovely story, always tell the truth…lies affect more than just you.

5 stars! Excellent!

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