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The Other Guest by Helen Cooper

Heading away to a resort on vacation? Read The Other Guest by Helen Cooper!

The Other Guest by Helen Cooper

I LOVE vacationing at resorts! The lazy days by the pool, lake, or the ocean. Eating out (sometimes by the pool, lake, or ocean!) People watching, reading, napping in the sun. Room service, walking on the beach. AHHH, it is all wonderful. I think we should book a trip!

ANYWAY!! About The Other Guest by Helen Cooper

This book is written from different perspectives-one is the family who owns a very exclusive and luxurious Italian ($$$) resort.

Another is an employee/now former employees view.

And the third is the one that I kept thinking about, "how does she fit into all of this?" But she does-and, you won't believe it!!!


Leah never grieved the death of her 21-year-old niece, Amy. Now, a year later, her grief is coming out as anger toward co-workers and clients. And now she is taking some unplanned time away from her job as a lawyer-so she decides to go to where she can deal with her grief, the resort that her sister and family owns-and where Amy died. When Leah arrives, everything feels off. From the way her other niece, Olivia, Amy's sister, has become obsessed with the resort to her brother-in-law Gordon's abruptness and her sister Charlotte hiding away with a migraine. Things become even more strange as Leah asks a few questions. Olivia doesn't seem herself, and Leah wants to get through to her to find out more about what was happening with Any. But Olivia is always rushing away.

For Joanna, things are not going well. Luke left her for no real reason, and now Joanna has had the worst day of her career. She has to push down her feelings and support everyone else on her team. But when she finds a listening ear in a bartender, it feels so good to share what happened and have someone understands how she feels. But things become awkward after a couple of dates and getting a call from the hospital about being his emergency contact. Soon, he moves in, so he is not alone to recover, and questions start to arise.

A great book written in a really great format. I did not solve any of the mysteries! So well done!

The book is now available! Thank you to NetGalley for the early read!


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