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“The Other Nadia Bisset” by C.A. Wittman

“The characters come alive in this book and I’m still thinking about them!”

-Books and Pens on Green Gables

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Books and Pens on Green Gables thoughts: Are you looking for a book that will GRAB YOU ON PAGE ONE, here it is. The Other Nadia Bisset by C.A. Wittman should be in everyone’s TBR pile. It will keep you up late and if you’re like me, you’ll read it folding the laundry, sneak peeks at it while cooking dinner, and grab it when you wake up. Trust me, it is that good! The characters come alive in this book and I’m still thinking about them! I can’t decide my favorite one yet! I love the way The Other Nadia Bisset is written with short chapters and each chapter revealing more of this twisted tale. Suspense, danger, the unknowns, fear, desire, pain, anger, disbelief, …., it was truly amazing.

Carla, pregnant with twins, is not happy with her husband. She once found him a fascinating man, older than her, perhaps a bit forbidden? But, now she sees him as arrogant and stingy. After the baby girls, mirror twins, Nadia and Lydia, are born, Jean-Claude simply continues his life. Traveling for work, often weeks at a time, leaving young Carla alone with two baby girls and likely post-partum depression, which Jean-Claude simply called being self-pitying and lazy. The twins were needy, as babies are, and Carla was exhausted, with no help from her husband. When Jean-Claude is home, he criticizes Carla’s appearance, never changes a diaper, and complains the house isn’t tidy. Then he simply leaves again. Carla truly feels alone.

Carla is surprised to see a young woman at her neighbor’s house. The woman approaches Carla and the babies and is so kind and friendly. Of course, she comments on the baby girl’s blond hair, but she also comments on Carla’s looks. The two quickly develop a friendship and Carla is so grateful for a friend. She has been so lonely and Krista becomes a part of her life with Nadia and Lydia, helping with the girls. They spend days taking care of and playing with the girls. Evenings they enjoy drinking wine, talking about life, and deepening their fast friendship. Carla feels drawn in by Krista, doing things she never would have done before, feeling happy and free for the first time in a long while.

One morning Carla wakes up, and something is wrong. Nadia is in her arms. Carla feels so groggy, she is in pain, her body has been abused. And, Lydia and Krista are gone. They are nowhere, they have simply disappeared. A frenzy of the police, the media, and search groups follow while Carla becomes a shell of who she used to be. She feels blamed and questioned by so many. Will Lydia ever be found?

Years pass with no word about Lydia. Nadia has horrible tantrums, piercing screams, and cries that leave Carla in disbelief. When the school calls a meeting about Nadia, more tension comes between Carla and Jean-Claude as they are forced to examine her aggressive behaviors. And, without warning, the police are back in their lives.

An emotional book, hard to put down, waiting for book 2! 

Be sure to visit C.A. Wittman’s website to read more about her books.

I was given a copy of this book to read and review. Thank you!


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